American Diabetes Month Toolkit


November is American Diabetes Month and the perfect time to promote blueberries! Research illustrates that including fresh and frozen blueberries in a daily diet can help to manage diabetes.

Use the digital ads, recipes, health professionals’ resources, social graphics, and more to show your patients/clients, community and partners why blueberries are a great natural sweetening option with beneficial vitamins and minerals.  

Start inspiring people to grab a boost of blue today!   

Quick Links

Social Media Content

Bring awareness to American Diabetes Month, and how blueberries can help manage the disease, by posting on your personal and professional social pages using the square formatted social media image ideal for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click on the image and download directly from this page. We’ve made it even easier for you with a suggested caption. Just cut and paste and you’re ready to go!   

Download Image

Suggested caption:
Research illustrates that including blueberries in a daily diet offers health benefits that can help manage diabetes. Talk about another great reason to grab a #boostofblue.

Want more blueberry inspiration? Be sure to follow us to see what USHBC is promoting nationally:

Digital Ads

Use this digital ad as a banner on your website, in newsletter content, on social media channels, or in digital marketing materials. Click below to download horizontal and vertical versions of our banner ad in multiple sizes, including 160×600, 300×50, 300×250, 300×600, and 728×90.  

Consumer Tip Sheet

Inspire your patients/clients, partners and community to learn more about the benefits of blueberries in helping to manage diabetes. Simply download this resource for digital or printed use.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Share as a downloadable resource or new content on your website  
  • Distribute to local partners and other health professionals
  • Use the tips and recipes as social media content and/or for your digital newsletter  
  • Develop messaging for pitching local media as well as soundbites for interviews  

Health Professionals Resource

Looking for more research on diabetes? We’ve got you covered. This tip sheet is designed specifically for health professionals who want to take a deep dive into the science and get tips on how to help clients and patients follow a diabetes-friendly eating pattern.

 Here are a few ways to use this resource:

  • For digital or printed use 
  • Offer it as a comprehensive information resource  
  • Share it across social media 
  • Use it for media interview talking points 


These delicious diabetes-friendly recipes are under 10g of sugar and high in fiber. Research shows that increasing fiber intake can help to lower blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, making these recipes the perfect addition to American Diabetes Month and beyond.  

Click each image to download, access each recipe on our website or as printable recipe cards to make it easy to share with your audiences.

Additional Blueberry Images

Along with the health benefits of blueberries, their beauty garners attention too! Download some of our favorite blueberry imagery to add to your own library, share on social media, include in your digital newsletter, add to printed pieces or upload to your website.  

QR Codes

QR codes drive patients and clients straight to the information we want them to have, and they are used to using them to view restaurant menus, visit websites and access information, right at their fingertips. Share in your digital promotions to automatically take them to the Grab A Boost of Blue page for blueberry usage ideas, recipes and health info. Just click on the QR code to download a zip file containing the code in various formats.