Educational Resources for Clients


Life is hectic. Blueberries are simple!

Just one versatile, hassle-free way for your clients to eat well year-round.

These blueberry recipes, healthy swaps, food hacks, tips and other resources can help you inspire them to add a boost of blue to everyday meals and snacks. 

Year-Round Blueberry Resources

Making health-conscious food decisions has never been so sweet. We’ve got engaging blueberry videos and all kinds of how-to information that you can share with clients to help them grab a boost of blue.

USHBC’s online support extends far beyond this website. Tell your clients about our consumer website, There you’ll find important nutrition facts, lifestyle tips and kitchen inspiration for any and every blueberry lover. And it doesn’t stop there – content is continually being shared across USHBC’s InstagramFacebookTwitter and Pinterest pages, along with helpful commentary from USHBC’s partners, including our Blue Crew ambassadors.  

Seasonal Blueberry Resources

Some moments are just ripe for grabbing a boost of blue. Here you’ll find timely resources to encourage eating blueberries as part of an overall focus on health – and maybe even a little fun – for any lifestyle. 


(November – December)

Other Helpful Tools

MyPlate App and More

USHBC is proud to be a MyPlate National Strategic Partner through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Start Simple with MyPlate app and feature free tools, quizzes and resources to help your clients build nutrition skills, create personalized eating plans and track healthy habits, one goal at a time. You may find it helpful as you provide a broader context to sharing the blueberry love with your audiences. 

Blue Crew member and registered dietitian, Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD,

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