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As a health professional, you’re a sought-after source of credible nutrition information and guidance. We’re here to make your job easier, with a range of blueberry resources designed to inspire health-conscious food choices and a library of ever-expanding scientific research to back up the blueberry buzz. Come back often for the latest in blueberry nutrition science, news, partnerships and client-ready materials – right at your fingertips.

Educational Resources

Looking for smart tools and everyday tips to help your clients grab a boost of blue? Check out our downloadable blueberry nutrition resources, including healthy recipe ideas, social media posts and print-ready handouts.

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Scientific Research

The benefits of blueberries are backed by peer-reviewed research covering a range of topics from supporting health to the impact of food safety techniques – and more. See what the science has to say!

  Key areas of health research include:

“I recommend blueberries to my clients because they’re easily accessible and provide key vitamins and minerals at just 80 calories per cup.”

Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD

Owner, Milk & Honey Nutrition

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