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As a health professional, you’re a sought-after source of credible nutrition information and guidance. We’re here to make your job easier, with a range of blueberry resources designed to inspire health-conscious food choices and a library of ever-expanding scientific research to back up the blueberry buzz. Come back often for the latest in blueberry nutrition science, news, partnerships and client-ready materials – right at your fingertips.

Educational Resources

Looking for smart tools and everyday tips to help your clients grab a boost of blue? Check out our downloadable blueberry nutrition resources, including healthy recipe ideas, social media posts and print-ready handouts.

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Scientific Research

The benefits of blueberries are backed by peer-reviewed research covering a range of topics from supporting health to the impact of food safety techniques – and more. See what the science has to say!

  Key areas of health research include:

“Blueberries add natural sweetness to healthy meals and snacks, so individuals with diabetes can avoid extra added sugar but still enjoy the foods they love.”

Kristamarie Collman, MD

Owner, Prōse Medical and Wellness

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