For Health Researchers

A growing body of evidence shows that blueberries can be part of healthy eating patterns to improve health. Researchers continue to explore the role blueberries may play, from cardiovascular and cognitive health to insulin response, gut function and other emerging areas. Here you’ll find the latest research, news and opportunities to partner with USHBC.


Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries offer one simple and nutritious solution for people trying to make health-conscious food decisions. For small berries, they have large offerings. Read on for key blueberry nutrition facts.

Scientific Research

Our research library of peer-reviewed, blueberry-focused studies covers a range of 18 health research topics. Learn more about this work and the potential benefits of grabbing a boost of blue.

RFPs and Research Updates

Interested in contributing to the expanding collection of blueberry research? Find the most up-to-date requests for proposal (RFPs) and opportunities to collaborate. 

Latest Health News

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