Supporting a Healthy Fall Routine with Blueberry Recipes and Resources


USHBC is encouraging consumers to build healthy habits during the back-to-school season in a new “power period” for 2023

FOLSOM, Calif. – FOLSOM, Calif. – September 1, 2022 – With back-to-school season underway, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) is highlighting the importance of building healthy habits – such as grabbing a daily boost of blue. A growing body of evidence shows that blueberries can help improve overall health, when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. To support consumers looking for simple ways to make smart choices, USHBC is sharing blueberry recipes, nutrition information, research and more. Health professionals in USHBC’s “Blue Crew” will also contribute original recipes, blog posts and social media content as part of the campaign, which is running in August, September and October.1

Fall is ideal for creating or recommitting to healthy routines, especially when it comes to meal planning: September is National Fruits & Veggies Month as well as National Family Meals MonthTM. It’s a timely opportunity to appreciate all the goodness that fruits and veggies bring to our tables for our minds, our souls, our health and our happiness. Whether fresh or frozen, blueberries deliver crave-worthy flavor and essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C, manganese and vitamin K. They make a delicious and nutritious option to pack for breakfasts, lunches and snacks, or to use in cooking and baking.

“As a mom and physician, I’m always looking to prioritize health and wellbeing at the start of a new school year and blueberries are the perfect vehicle to do so,” said Blue Crew member Sonali Ruder, MD. “They’re so easy – just rinse and pack – and everyone loves the delicious taste. Most importantly, blueberries have beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fiber, to help us stay full on those busy days. Whether you’re eating them on their own or in your favorite recipes, you’re getting a boost of blue!”

The fall promotion is the fourth of USHBC’s five 2023 “power periods” that are part of Grab a Boost of Blue, a strategic positioning and call to action backed by new tools and consumer research for retailers. Available now, the Healthy Fall Boost toolkit provides plug-and-play social posts and digital ads, tip sheets, recipe cards and other resources. The toolkit will be promoted in USHBC’s health professional and consumer e-newsletters, as well as digital and social content activations from partner Produce for Better Health.

To further expand and enhance the Healthy Fall Boost campaign, USHBC is partnering with MindBodyGreen, a lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring people to live their best life – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The organization seeks to create credible and actionable content, experiences and products that empower its audience, 70% of whom are on their journey to wellness. During September, MindBodyGreen is spotlighting blueberries in media and social content, as well as a custom article and recipe with insights from Dr. Ruder.

The campaign also includes direct outreach to health professionals. USHBC is partnering with Medscape, an award-winning source of clinical information and resources globally, to send an e-blast to their network of 100,000 primary care practitioners interested in nutrition content. Additionally, USHBC will reach 100K+ registered dietitians and nutrition professionals through an e-blast to SmartBrief’s eatrightPRO audience.

“Among all the healthy habits we can practice, eating blueberries is one of the most enjoyable – they’re nutritious, delicious and bring a pop of color to every plate. Through our engaging resources and partnerships with trusted health professionals, we’re inspiring consumers to make blueberries part of a healthy routine,” said Kasey Cronquist, president of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. “People love blueberries, and it’s so rewarding to help them find new and exciting ways to grab a boost of blue!”

About the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council is an agriculture research and promotion group, representing blueberry growers and packers in North and South America who market their blueberries in the United States and overseas, and works to promote the growth and well-being of the entire blueberry industry. The blueberry industry is committed to providing blueberries that are grown, harvested, packed and shipped in clean, safe environments. Learn more at

1 The “Blue Crew” is a group of credible, third-party experts supporting USHBC’s programming efforts year-round. Blue Crew members include physicians, registered dietitians, fitness professionals and wellness and lifestyle experts.